Sunday, November 11, 2012

Finished Shoes!

   I just wanted to make a quick post about my finished shoe drawing! I have now completed my first drawing assignment of the year, phew. It took a while and shading is my enemy, but I am pleased with the outcome.

In progress drawing
Finished drawing

Monday, November 5, 2012

Time to Reflect

   The first marking period has come to an end. A lot has been learned. Drawing is still not my forte, but I do believe more practice will help. I have learned that I have a knack for possibly campaigning for presidents! I definitely have grown since my first year in creative arts. It's nice to know what art terms mean and how to grow as an artist. 
   The books this year are also different. Instead of choosing the do whatever, our books have to have a color and subject theme. I chose to have warmer colors such as, red, pink, orange and yellow I haven't quite figured out my subject theme yet, I was thinking freedom or possibly hope. This could be ambitious and I would with out a doubt have to think of ways to express one of these subjects, but for now most of my papers just have color on them. 
   Through out this marking period I learned how to shade difficult pieces, and how to build a collage. Last year I can remember my fruit drawing looking a little "shape-y" not really having that much dimension. This year I can safely say that I have made an attempt to stray away from that quality. My collage skills have grown as well. My identity collage year didn't have a lot of substance. There were pieces that were placed awkwardly and a lot of was going on. There wasn't much layering so it was pretty much one sheet of confusion. This year I planned out my collage before I started. I wanted a clear path that I could follow and along the way I was able to add or take out some ideas. It was satisfying to have these options.
   I am interested to see what else I am capable of thinking about and able to create this year in art. 

Who is it going to be?

   The second and so far my favorite assignment of the year was the mixed media collage. This year since it is the presidential election our goal was to make a collage representing either who we wanted as president, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, or a topic being debated by either president. 
   I chose to express who I wanted as president which is Barack Obama. I started out by transferring a picture of the American flag, but instead of the top corner being blue with stars it was the Obama logo. Once I had the foundation I built around it. I lightly painted over the left half of the flag in black, letting some of the flag peek through. I then transferred a silhouette of the back of Obama's head onto a white piece of paper and took that transfer and glued in onto the bottom left corner of my collage. 
   I had most of my pictures and materials before I started the collage, but I decided to look through some magazines and newspapers which was a smart choice. I found newspaper articles of Obama and cut them out and transferred them onto the right half of my collage. I then found a picture of silhouettes of a couple men that seemed to be looking out into the horizon. I transferred this picture onto the half that wasn't black, but right near where the black stops. The coolest thing happened which was a perfect surprise. The black silhouettes that I thought would turn black didn't transfer. Only the outer part of the silhouettes transferred. So the middle part of the figures were the flag and newspaper articles. 
   The collage was coming together quite nicely at this point, but it was still not done. I decided to use the Obama logo and make in into the logo for Obama Care. I achieved this with paint. Once that was done it seemed to take over the collage. So I covered the logo up with a tissue. This created some what a sheen to the logo making it a lot less BAM! After this step I cut out the state of Hawaii where Obama is from and glued in onto the collage. Another amazing surprise occurred. I happened to glue the state in a way where it looked like a "thought line" coming from the silhouette of Obama to the health care symbol. I didn't even realize this until Ms. Kiick pointed it out to me. 
   At this point I  was almost done. The last major thing I wanted to include was Obama's slogan: Yes We Can. With the help of Ms. Kiick, I very lightly using a dry brush and paint wrote it onto the top left corner of my collage. I also decided to only show half of each letter like it was falling onto the collage. 
   Little details made this collage pop. For instance when I covered half the flag with black paint it made the collage look a bit "blocky." So I went in with a dry brush and paint and connected the lighter side to the darker side. Another little detail was softening up Obama's silhouette by using this dry brush technique yet again. I also used, can you guess, dry brush to make my little men silhouettes to stand out better.
   Overall I was overjoyed with the finished product. I didn't know that I had it in me. I can say that it might have helped that I was passionate about the topic, but it was exciting to see me ideas jump to paper. 

Picture of my 2012 presidential collage
Another picture of my 2012 presidential collage



   Our first assignment of the year was a drawing piece. You can imagine how excited I was... I'm not the strongest at drawing and I tend to over think what is being put on a piece of paper, but I almost have a finished project and I didn't suffer too much.
   The assignment was to draw shoes. Each class had to bring in at least one shoe which would later become our models. Once the shoes were arranged on the tables the drawing began. Finding a section of shoes I wanted to illustrate was already difficult for me. Once I finally settled on a view of the shoes through my handmade view finder, I was ready for the pencil to meet the paper. 
   The drawing has three shoes in it, all of them having interesting and different patterns and materials. I wanted to attempt to capture these 'characteristics' that made the shoes unique. This was a lot easier said than done. I started by drawing the baby shoe which is at the top of the drawing. This shoe wasn't too hard, it was easy to get the basic shape and then go back and add the most important part, details. The second shoe I drew was the Nike one. This show was a bit more difficult. The shape of it was simple, but I really liked the pattern it had all around the shoe. Figuring out how to achieve this pattern was a bit frustrating. Thankfully it eventually came to me. Now, the last shoe which is the converse gave me the hardest time. In the picture I was going off of the shoe had a curve to it. This required a bunch of shading around that area, but I really enjoyed how awesome this shoe looked. I haven't finished my drawing yet, but when I do I will post a picture of the final product. Each shoe needs a lot more detail and I am still working on the stubborn converse, but the drawing will be finished before the end of the marking period though so you shall see it soon!

Here is a picture of my shoe drawing so far.  When it is finished I will upload another one!