Tuesday, June 5, 2012

End of the Year Reflections

   This year has been such a learning experience. Even though the school has taken away our art program some how my art teacher, Mrs. Kiick, has managed to do it all. From sketching fruit to creating a place setting just out of clay. Honestly, I thought by taking this class it was going to be an easy 'A,' but over the year I have realized art is so much more than just a grade. It takes time and effort. What you put in is was will come out. 
   There have definitely been some challenges along the way. I'm not that strong at drawing. I mean, I can draw if you give me something to draw, but the skill to just draw whatever comes to mind isn't my strong suit. What made me better at drawing is the freedom and interpretation Mrs. Kiick gave us have by choosing what we wanted to draw each marking period. Each assignment did have some 'ground rules,' but it gave us a bunch of possibilities. 
   Some of my favorite projects this year were definitely metal and clay. I really enjoyed the end results of both of them. The metal was quite tedious, but it was fun to see my ideas spring to life. The hardest part about the clay was the anticipation. "How will it turn out?" "Will it blow up in the kiln?!" "What if the glazes aren't right?" all these questions and no immediate answers. Once all those fears passed the completed look was spectacular.
   Overall I would say it's been a pretty great year. I will take the lessons I've learned and hopefully put them to the test during the summer. I've found the art can be relaxing. You just can't go into is thinking it's going to turn out perfect, but if you let loose the outcome could be amazing!