Monday, April 8, 2013

Every Picture Tells a Story

     Once upon a time there was a fun and energetic group of friends. They would dance all day and night. Their dancing brought the community joy, but they wondered if they was another way to use their dancing to benefit others. One bright morning Tom, the "pink twirler," found an interesting key. An immense amount of possibilities rushed through everyone’s head. What will this key lead to? George, the "orange Egyptian walker," suggested that they search for clues on the key. Could there be a secret message? As they all searched through the tangled mesh of silky blue thread Peter, "green shaker," jumped with joy. He found a message that was engulfed in the bundle. It read: There is a magical machine that will tell you your future. All you have to do is find it!  The only clue the message gave was: walk 200 steps from the location the key was found. As the gang traced their steps back the key’s original location the walking began. In the corner of his eye David, the "blue jumper," spotted a glimpse of something silver and shiny. He called everyone over to investigate. Low and behold they had found the magical machine.
     They all began to pile in. Once they were situated in the machine they was an array of buttons to press. It was quite tempting to press all of them, but there was one particular button that said FUTURE. Robert, the "red disco maniac," was the who pressed button. They traveled through an upward cascade of crystals. Everything became a blur until suddenly they arrived on a sand hill. The air was cool and the sky a light blue, the clouds were gliding through the air. The gang started to head up the hill to see if there was another message. After a tedious walk the made it all the way to the top. There they saw a basket with little pieces of paper in it. Each piece of paper had one of their names on it. One at a time they reached for their piece. Everyone’s future was different, but they all had something in common. The pieces of paper all had: will help the world become a better place and will work together to do so. 
     The walk back down the hill was silent. Each man was contemplating on how they would change the world together. As they reached the machine they pressed the button that had HOME on it. The ride back was quicker than the first. The moment they arrived home they started to brainstorm ideas. The conclusion was aid charities. To do so they arranged a dance-a-thon in the community, which eventually branched out to the nation. People would sign up to dance and every minute they stayed on their feet an amount of money would be added to a jar. Each friend got to choose which charity they wanted to donate to. The first man to decide was Tom. The gang though it was fair for him to go first for he was the one who found the key. When the first dance-a-thon was complete the gang raised a whopping number of $5000 that Tom decided to donate to the World Wildlife Fund, WWF for short. This charity works on issues regarding the conservatoin, research and restoration of the enviroment. Each year the group of friends organized this dance-a-thon and picked a different charity to help out. The magical machine was only a memory to them, but they knew it was the spark that ignited their caring and beneficial idea.