Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Welcome Back

   Hello again! I have returned to the blog world after a fun summer. As a returning art student I am excited to see what this year has in store. 
   My goals for this year are to develop my drawing skills and let go of my "perfect" mindset. I left off last year able to create a ceramic place setting, get through metals without pulling my hair out, learning the ways of tempera batik, and begin my drawing abilities. An eventful year, but still a lot of skills to develop.
   When reading this years syllabus there are some modified changes from the projects last year. The feeling of being almost one step ahead of the game is comforting, but I'm going to push myself harder this year just for that reason. The one project that I'm looking forward to are the lanterns. I always see them hanging in the art room and they always look so pretty with the light shining through. 
   Honestly, last year I joined creative arts thinking it was going to be an easy 'A' class. I quickly learned it was not, but over the year I found art to be fun and a way to express yourself. It's also a nice break from school work. I'm back for another year to build on the foundation I started last year. So many possibilities to be unlocked!