Sunday, June 9, 2013

And It Comes To An End

     As the year wraps up I feel that I have learned a lot. In the beginning of the year I did feel more comfortable than last year, but now that I am reflecting I have developed even more skills. It was fun to expand on my strengths from last year and to see where it took me. I tried my best to push myself to create more meaningful and interesting art and I think I have done so. 
     I've learned that art takes time. It doesn't just take a day, but more like a week or even longer. I have come to the art room during my lunch period just to work on whatever the assignment was so that I could be proud of it. Last year I would call something finished, but I wasn't always happy with how it turned out. This year by taking that extra bit of time my projects have been stronger. It feels great to see what my hands and mind can do. 
     My favorite piece of work was without a doubt my Next President Collage. I am excited to say that it was selected as one of the 2013 Art Educators of New Jersey; Youth Art Month awards. I got to travel to Trenton, New Jersey to receive my award. I went with my parents and got to take a picture with my art teacher, Ms. Kiick. It was an honor and I am thankful and very happy that my project was picked out of many. I believe why this particular project is my favorite is because I was so passionate about the topic. I wanted to convey what I was feeling about this election and art was a great way to do so. 
     I have to admit that I don't think I will pursue art as a future, but I love taking it in school. It is a nice way to escape the rest of my daily homework and classwork. It is truly the way I can express myself and Ms. Kiick makes it amazing. I never feel pressured and I am always excited to see what is in store. I am sad to see the year end, but I can honestly say waking up at 6:30am to go to art instead of a study hall was a rewarding choice. Thank you Ms. Kiick for a wonderful year!

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