Friday, January 18, 2013

Blind Contour

     An assignment that I thought was extremely fun was our blind contour drawings. This method required you to essentially become blind. You would look at yourself in a mirror and draw what you saw on a piece of paper. You were not allowed to look down at the drawing or pick up your pencil to "re-adjust." The drawings were quite amusing and silly. It was interesting to see what my brain told my hands to draw. I did get some drawings that weren't horrible. I seemed to draw my shirt the most accurate. My face was another story, but after more practice it started looking human! I would always start with my hair and work my way down. When I got more comfortable I started to add more detailed features like pupils, earrings, and my necklace. Once I thought I had the "flow" down I began my good copy. The first face wasn't too bad so I decided to add a couple of little ones hear and there. I attempted to draw myself smiling, but that ended up looking like some sort of mad demon, it was entertaining though. After the drawing was done I started to work on my "I am" statements. These were statements that would describe yourself. The first were easy... "My name is Noa," "I am 15 years old," but they started to get a bit harder. Such as, "I will" "I want" "I dream" and more. I didn't just want to give simple answers because that wouldn't express who I am. It took some time to think up meaningful answers, but I figured it out. Now all I have to do is write these statement onto my picture and add some color. I will probably spice it up a bit to make it truly my own. I will post a picture with the finished product, but for now here's a picture of it in the making. 

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